Steph, Will, Stud + Sage

October 4, 2019

This adorable little family was a blast. I know Stephanie from the town I grew up in, Baudette, MN. I was in Detroit Lakes, MN, staying at my sisters house to shoot a wedding that weekend and was thrilled Stephanie wanted to come visit DL to capture some updated images of her, Will her boyfriend and their two pup brothers Stud and Sage. After choosing a beautiful park setting by the lake, we let the dogs run free. Stephanie and Will warned me about their excited pups, and they weren't joking! Sage and Stud ran wild and tried to go for many swim breaks throughout the shoot, but that just made the shoot all the more natural and true to their family. We chatted about how I was moving back to Minnesota soon and they told me they were planning a move themselves. I think it's great to capture all stages of your life, whether you're just dating, engaged, or been married for years. It will be so special to have photos of their family together in MN while they go on their new adventure to PA.

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