Rhegan + Josh 
A Halloween Engagement

October 19, 2019

If you haven't seen Rhegan and Josh's part one of their engagement session I suggest you go check it out! These two love birds who were considering not even taking engagement photos decided two do a two part session, and I couldn't have been happier about it. They  are both big fans of Red Rocks Amphitheater, as many of us are, and wanted to get some photos of them together in their element. In addition to having a meaningful location, which I always recommend, they added another element to make this session unique. They  are getting married on Halloween of 2020 and came up with the amazing idea to shoot in costumes for the second half of this sunrise session! It was a little cold, but so bright and beautiful. We went with a sunrise session instead of sunset because as mentioned, everyone loves Red Rocks and there are many tourists looking around on weekends. Little did we know, it's also a popular spot to sit with friends and loved ones to watch the sunrise. It felt as though Rhegan and Josh were the main act at times with the crowd cheering KISS HER throughout the shoot, which in my opinion made it all that much better :). I can't wait to see what their wedding will look like in New Orleans next fall! But knowing their fun personalities, it will be a party to remember. 

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