Rhegan + Josh Engagement

October 2, 2019

Rhegan and Josh's engagement session was in such a gorgeous setting. It was one of my final shoots out in Colorado before the move back to Minnesota and it was one of my favorites. I met Rhegan about a year ago through a friend of mine, Taylor Ross. I was on an intramural volleyball league in Denver and we were short a player. Taylor recommended Rhegan and said she knew we would hit it off as friends right away, and she was right! After our volleyball season ended I was SO thrilled to hear that Rhegan and Josh were engaged. I was even more thrilled when she reached out wanting to get their engagement photos done by me.

These two are so easy going that I knew I could try out a new location without any issues. We headed up to Golden Gate Canyon State Park outside of Golden, Colorado and I was beyond excited for the views. They were both upfront about never taking photos and almost not getting any
engagement photos at all. I love a challenge though, so their claimed awkwardness in front of my camera was all the motivation I needed to get some adorable and candid images of them getting cozy and laughing in the park together! The best part was that we even added a second mini shoot for their engagement just a few blogged sessions away. :)

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