Raschke Wedding

October 5, 2019

Ashley is one of my oldest friends. We go way back to the earliest school days in elementary. We've spent countless hours on the basketball and volleyball courts together as well as sleepovers that lasted until the sun came up. So, as you might guess, to say I was excited to shoot her wedding is an understatement. 

I first met Tanner on the 4th of July a couple years ago. I immediately saw that him and Ashley were in the kind of love where you want to spend the rest of your life with that person. After getting to know Tanner a little more like how he loves dogs, fishing, and has a big heart, I wasn't surprised to hear that they were engaged later on. We had a blast celebrating her engagement with a bachelorette party at her aunts cabin in Detroit Lakes, MN, playing drinking games, jet-skiing and pontooning around the lake all while embarrassing Ashley by asking all sorts of personal questions about her relationship, which she of course kept secret. 

Fast forward to their wedding day, it was held at the absolute perfect location for the couple, The Branch Smokey Hills Retreat. The venue is this gorgeous log cabin retreat hidden by towering colorful fall trees. There were cabins for many of the guests to stay in and a reception hall right there. What more could you want?! We ended up getting rained on for the entire day, which we had known might be the case. The couple toughed it out for some outdoor photos and we utilized the indoor setting for the rest. Even with relocating the ceremony indoors, it was a gorgeous service and reception filled with family, love and even a few keg stands (including the brides father Neal!).

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