Nate and Morgan's Proposal

June 20, 2020

Nate and Morgan. Where do I begin! These two have been good friends of ours since college. I've seen their relationship grow over the years from starting to date, to doing the distance, buying a house and getting two dogs! When Nate reached out this past winter about potentially hiring me to capture his proposal, it was an obvious yes and I really wasn't surprised he was ready to pop the question. Bryce, Nate, Morgan and I have actually been trying to plan to Banff, Canada for a few years now, but with Bryce and I living in Colorado and all trying to juggle our schedules, it just didn't happen yet.

When COVID hit this spring, on a whim we decided that we should go on a week camping trip together in Montana since the Canadian border was closed and well,if not now, when?! As soon as I sent Nate a photo of Lake Holland, a place someone I knew had stayed at, he decided that was the place he would get down on one knee. We started secretly planning the weekend around him proposing the morning after we got in so we could relax and celebrate the rest of the trip! When we got there, the campsite at the lake we planned for was booked. In fact, the entire town and those nearby were ALL BOOKED. There are tons of campgrounds around Seeley Lake, Montana, but they were full and we were all tired from the 18 hour drive. Bryce and I mentioned that in Colorado, we would often go off on our own in State Forests and find a dispersed campsite. This isn't always favorable because there are no bathrooms, water access, often no service and you need to be very careful for grizzly bears in Montana. 

We cruised around enjoying the view and company, and landed at this amazing lookout. When we stepped out for a pic, we saw a flat area nestled right against the mountain and the perfect spot for a fire pit. It was an ideal camping spot. The next morning we made coffee and talked about some weird noised that we heard that very well could have been a bear sniffing our tents. We loaded up the Mazda and got ready to go .... but the car was dead. :| We were a little shook as Nate was about to propose on this hike we were driving to, and we were on a mountain without service and hardly any traffic. We did see a trail nearby so without much of a care at all, we hopped out and headed up the trail to see if we would meet someone that could help. I said purposefully loud, "Should I bring my camera in case it's pretty?!", and Nate gave the most subtle smirk and a thumbs up behind his back as him and Morgan lead the way. When we got to a beautiful lookout near the top, Nate and I exchanged a glance and I knew it was time. I asked if him and Morgs would be up for a few photos just for fun because it was gorgeous there and I hadn't shot in the mountains in a while. Morgan didn't think anything of it and I started snapping and posing. After a few quick poses that I increasingly made more odd to throw her off, I asked the two of them to stand apart and face away from each other. As Morgan swatted mosquitos, Nate whipped out the ring and got down on his knee, when Morgan turned around she was SHOCKED! We did it and it was beautiful and special and so perfect for the two of them. We ran down the mountain chugging champagne I had snuck with and after we started lunch, we happened to find some old guys booze cruising on some Polaris Rangers that jumped our car so we could hike the original proposal location just for fun. It was the best day ended with a beautiful view, drinks, laughs and s'mores! 

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