Jennifer and Alex Engagement

September 30, 2019

I met Jennifer and Alex online, as I often do in this business. They knew exactly what they wanted for their engagement session which can be refreshing! Knowing we wanted to capture the aspens and beautiful fall colors, I narrowed down a few spots and dates that I thought would be perfect. It can be hard to know when and where to get the brightest colors for fall in Colorado. We ended up moving their date up as the colors were BOOMING one weekend and I knew they would be up for making the change in order to get the perfect shots.

We went up to Guanella Pass Scenic Byway right outside of Georgetown and I immediately knew it was the perfect spot.  It was so fun playing in the leaves, dancing around and changing outfits for new looks. Jennifer and Alex just glowed with each other and never failed to make each other giggle. I ended up extending the shoot a little bit just so we could drive up to the top of the pass and see the amazing view after the sun was set. All in all, it was a very
successful shoot full of laughs and conversations about dating, beer, travel and more. I wish these two all the best on their wedding in Cleveland, Ohio next October!

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