Karissa, Chad and Baby Leo

October 27, 2019

Karissa reached out to me a while back about how she found me on Instagram and would love for me to capture family photos for her with their new addition, Leo! I was so excited as we discussed all the gorgeous landscapes in Colorado, to find the perfect mountain backdrop. As we finalized the date for the shoot and days were counting down, we realized that the weather just wasn't going to cooperate. I am usually very flexible with rescheduling when this happens, but since I was moving out of the state very soon, we opted for an in home session. This was such a blessing in disguise. Little did I know, Karissa has a dream living room set up! I walked in and was absolutely in love. She blew me away by letting me know they had been renovating and she actually had thrown everything together about an hour before I arrived! We both were chatting about how gorgeous it was and I learned some of the updates they made, such as painting the brick wall white, and Karissa even said she was impressed with the outcome and planned to keep it. 

The best part about in home sessions is that you are not only capturing this time in your life, but your savoring the actual feeling. I am so pro in home sessions, and it doesn't hurt when the home is as picture perfect as Chad and Karissa's.  Side note, Leo completely stole my heart with his adorable little self!! What a ham. <3

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