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Michael + Molly Engagement_Jmark Photogr

Jess was so great to work with for our engagement photos. Since wedding planning in 2020 is not exactly a stress-free process and many things are on hold, we wanted our engagement photoshoot to feel more like a celebration of our engagement and not just a step to check off the list. Jess was on the same page. She made the roadtrip to our special spot Taylors Falls/St. Croix Falls to shoot where we got engaged. She worked very proficiently so that we could fit a few different locations into our timeframe to get a good variety of backdrops, yet was very relaxed so we didn't feel rushed. She was very knowledgeable about lighting for both indoors and outdoors which helped us get the most out of our time and settings. Jess was always available to talk to me about my ideas for outfits or location ahead of time. The couple hours we spent taking pictures was even more fun than I expected! I was worried that we would feel cheesy or awkward, but it just felt like a fun evening exploring around outside and cozying up at a cabin. After the session, she sent us sneak peeks of a few favorite photos right away so we could share our excitement. She did a great job editing, I didn't need to ask her to change a single detail of any picture, even after she sent over all of the photos. I would recommend (and have recommended) Jmark Photography to anyone who is looking for a proficient and professional artist!

Kind words


Emily + Mitchell Sherman Wedding_Jmark P

"Jess took engagement pictures for my fiancé and I and it was the best session ever! She is the perfect combination of professional and fun. Jess can make anyone feel comfortable, which results in amazing pictures that really capture YOU. She was amazingly flexible in helping us figure out what could work for both us and her, giving us advice on locations of where to take pictures but also letting us chose what we thought would fit us.

The only thing I was nervous about was whether or not my
fiancé and I could look natural in the photos, and she helped us with that so much. Jess was able to make us feel so comfortable and gave us great advice on poses and movements that made the pictures turn out so, so amazing. She also got our pictures back to us crazy fast! Which was so fun because of how excited we were to see them. We really couldn't be happier we chose Jess to take our engagement pictures and are very much looking forward to having her there on our wedding day :)"


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